Trump is out, but conservatives needn’t give up!

Liberals would like to believe the ‘decent’ Americans have prevailed. The ‘ogre’ has been defeated, and the battle for the ‘soul of America’ has been won. They feel all is well in the promised land. I disagree.

You might ask why it is such a bad thing for Trump to have lost. After all, it was the ‘decent’ outcome, wasn’t it? I have already said in my previous article why decency has got nothing to do with it. So, I wouldn’t go down that road again.

Defeating Trump has not made the lot of this country better. The problems posed by an increasingly left-leaning Democratic party have not disappeared with this result. If indeed, they have aggravated.

Some of the gains accumulated by the conservatives, will not be easily wiped out by the Democrats (Supreme court judges, for instance), but the political process that was moving in the right direction (no pun intended) will be reversed for sure. It’s like walking three steps forward and taking two steps backward.

Democrats retained their majority in the Congress by a slender margin. Plus, because the tie in Senate can be broken by our vice president until the next two years, Democrats have a lot of power to change the course of this great nation. For the next two years, it wouldn’t be business as usual, because, sadly, we have a President, a Congress and a Senate that all believe business is actually evil and shouldn’t be usual.

As a conservative, I am really concerned about the near future, and if you are a true conservative you would be too.

Let’s get this straight. If there wasn’t a pandemic in 2020, Biden wouldn’t have stood a chance. The public needed a target to vent their frustration and anger and Trump was smack in the way. (The Dems and the MSM did their darndest best to blow this crisis out of proportion, of course.) 

Then there was the way Dems tripped over their feet to turn this election into a vote-by-mail circus

Apart from those two biggies, let’s examine the other relevant factors that led to Trump not getting elected for a second term. (I am not going to get into the arguments about how the election was stolen from President Trump. We need to move on and our focus should be damage control right now.)

The opposition pulled out all the stops in this campaign. By opposition, I mean three groups: The Democrats, The Media, and the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

Democrats easily raised more funds than the Republicans. Their base was fired up, while the Republicans were trying desperately to put up a cohesive front.

The RINOs gleefully slept with the Democrats, not so strange bedfellows if you really think of it. They also had the gall to call their crusade “Lincoln Project”.

Why did the RINOs went from also being Republicans to one hundred percent backstabbers?

In 2016, they never thought Trump could actually pull it off, so they were content with being RINOs. In 2020, Trump had become an existential crisis for them. Trump was reshaping the Republican party with alarming speed. And in the new version of it, most of the RINOs would have no important role to play. They weren’t going down without a fight. It was a do or die situation for them. Some of them whom Trump had forgiven, delivered the most unkindest cuts.

I am willing to go on record to say that the RINOs were the deciding factor in the 2020 Presidential election. A lot of close losses can be traced back to them.

And the media, oh boy, the media! They practically prostituted themselves to the Democratic cause. They ignored every Democratic scandal and focussed on every peccadillo of the Republicans, while inventing a few scandals of their own. The MSM (main stream media) was like a little kid that stuffed its ears, closed its eyes and refused to accept any fact or opinion that would hurt its agenda, namely, installing a Democrat as the next President.

While Trump is a street fighter in the mould of a pitbull, this unified assault was too much even for him to handle.

Thus Trump is gone. What now?

Whether Trump will be around in 2024 to become a Republican nominee or not, the course of action for the conservatives from now on should remain the same. That’s because, conservative ideals are bigger than Trump or any one individual.

Conservatives should a) Learn effectively to counter Democratic propaganda, b) Match Democrats in raising funds c) Weed out the RINOs from the GOP, and d) Focus on repackaging Trumpism.

The propaganda

The media game is going to be especially tough. And it’s been made even tougher by the Big Tech’s shameless capitulation to the Left. The voices of the conservatives are being muzzled for the most frivolous reasons. The liberals have actually turned quite brazen about the whole thing.

This doesn’t bode well for the conservative movement, but we can’t afford to give up at this stage. We need to reinvent if necessary, and regroup the opinion makers that have already been doing a good job. (The Spectator, Epoch Times, NewYork Post and The Federalist come to mind. For a more comprehensive list, please refer to this list.)

Please subscribe to the above publications. Educate yourselves. See how effortlessly, the liberals lie, both by omission and commission. Also, counter the Democratic propaganda in social media by effective rebuttals. (Slurs and epithets are not a good substitute for reason. Leave the foul-mouthing to the Democrats.)

Removing the RINOs

This should be done on a priority basis. Participation in local government and the democratic processes is a necessary condition for this. You should be able to identify a RINO before you can deal with him or her. I am not saying dissent within a party should be disallowed. But there is a time when you close the ranks, especially when the other party is out to destroy you. Especially when the Democrats have turned the process of impeachment into a joke. And those who abandoned the ship in such times don’t deserve to stay in the party. You can refer to this list as a guide to the thinking process of RINOs.

Fundraising for the Right

Money doesn’t buy you everything, but it does buy you a lot of things. Like Ads on the internet, television and radio. There are plenty of conservatives asking for your money and it’s your prerogative to donate to whichever group you want to. To get you started though, you can find out who are worthy of your financial contributions, by going to this site.

Repackaging Trumpism

This is really important. Some of the most ardent conservatives have started to doubt if they were right in supporting Trump. For me, there is nothing wrong with the essential core of Trumpism, the part that forcefully espouses the conservative causes without mincing words. It should definitely be retained.

It should however be repackaged without the brash and abrasive style that won Trump a lot of voters who were sick and tired of the platitude mouthing regular politicians in 2016. There is a time for everything. And one size doesn’t fit all. We need to change gears.

Conservatives should step up the fight.

Democrats need to be exposed for the closet communists they are, at every step of the way. (Stop trying to enlist the moderate Democrats to your cause, it’s a fast disappearing breed and in danger of extinction.)

Right now Democrats are trying to pawn off their version of liberalism as “capitalism with a human face” or “progressive socialism” or some other drivel like that. Their end game though is always the same. AOC or Sanders haven’t really tried to hide their true colors and they are paradoxically, the future of the Democratic party.

Meanwhile, Biden, has been busy at work. These are all the key executive orders he signed after assuming office.

Hope that’s enough motivation for you to stop moping and start acting.

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4 Responses to Trump is out, but conservatives needn’t give up!

  1. Chandrika says:

    Very well articulated andi. Its just not about Trump. Many didnt get this. All they were talking was only about ‘decency’ .

  2. Jitu says:

    Boy! What a write-up. I hope someone who can do something is reading all this and does something.

    As for me… I am just glad you write this. This was the need of the hour; for someone to say out loud— without trying to be politically correct and without embellishments—what went wrong. Am glad you did it. The message comes forth clearly and unambiguously.

    I would love to read a followup of this with the focus on Indian Americans specially Hindu Americans.

    • Murali says:

      In that sense, the American electoral process is better than the Indian one. It tries to keep engaging its citizenry more regularly. (There are elections at every level.) It’s not a once in a five year only affair here. That said, there is room for plenty of improvement even here.

      The takeaway point is that every citizen who hopes to reap the benefits of a democracy should stay actively engaged as much as possible. The immediate goal in the American context should be to take back the senate in 2022.

      Why don’t you or somebody else write a follow-up on this regarding Hindu Americans?

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