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Dislike Trump all you want, but still vote for him this November.

I want to say right at the beginning, this is an appeal to all the American Conservatives who are wondering if decency forbids them from voting for Trump. This is also for all the mugwumps who think their vote doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Genuine Independence Day!

It’s true, we drove away the foreigners from India in 1947. But, we promptly coronated the natives that were even more inimical. By awarding God-like powers to a certain old gentleman, We accepted the Devil he recommended to be our … Continue reading

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A dangerous game

“Both Telangana and Kashmir were not part of India before 1947. They were separate nations. But we were forcibly annexed to the Indian Union after 1947. Our troubles have started since then. We do come out clean, few parts of … Continue reading

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The insidious nature of socialism (and how Congress exploits it to the brim)!

There have been several kinds of fascism that pitted one human being against the other: Racism, Religious Fundamentalism, Tribalism, Casteism, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Linguistic Parochialism to name a few. In the last century though, two forms of fascism have stood out. … Continue reading

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Celebrate Congress’s defeat, but cautiously!

So, Congress got a kick in the rear. Am I happy? Of course! Better late than never… Am I deliriously happy? Not really, because it’s justice delayed. They should never have been brought to power in 2004, let alone given … Continue reading

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