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Trump is out, but conservatives needn’t give up!

Liberals would like to believe the ‘decent’ Americans have prevailed. The ‘ogre’ has been defeated, and the battle for the ‘soul of America’ has been won. They feel all is well in the promised land. I disagree. You might ask … Continue reading

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Dislike Trump all you want, but still vote for him this November.

I want to say right at the beginning, this is an appeal to all the American Conservatives who are wondering if decency forbids them from voting for Trump. This is also for all the mugwumps who think their vote doesn’t … Continue reading

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Seven things that make your work a breeze (even during Covid)!

1. Your first response to any new assignment should always be “No!” When asked again, take a minute to think about it, and still say, “No!!!” Be ready to back up your refusal with various reasons about how this assignment … Continue reading

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It’s party time!

In the past, there used to be violent sports like gladiators fighting each other off in an arena, until one of them got killed brutally. Now that we live in much more civilized times, we have these things called parties … Continue reading

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The ‘friends’ you need to dump

The bleeding heart liberals say, “Don’t blame the man, blame the circumstances.” Likewise, don’t blame the title. Blame the ‘friends’ who made me write this. (I didn’t really mean that, of course.) From the experiences of others and mine, these … Continue reading

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