Trump is out, but conservatives needn’t give up!

Liberals would like to believe the ‘decent’ Americans have prevailed. The ‘ogre’ has been defeated, and the battle for the ‘soul of America’ has been won. They feel all is well in the promised land. I disagree.

You might ask why it is such a bad thing for Trump to have lost. After all, it was the ‘decent’ outcome, wasn’t it? I have already said in my previous article why decency has got nothing to do with it. So, I wouldn’t go down that road again.

Defeating Trump has not made the lot of this country better. The problems posed by an increasingly left-leaning Democratic party have not disappeared with this result. If indeed, they have aggravated.

Some of the gains accumulated by the conservatives, will not be easily wiped out by the Democrats (Supreme court judges, for instance), but the political process that was moving in the right direction (no pun intended) will be reversed for sure. It’s like walking three steps forward and taking two steps backward.

Democrats retained their majority in the Congress by a slender margin. Plus, because the tie in Senate can be broken by our vice president until the next two years, Democrats have a lot of power to change the course of this great nation. For the next two years, it wouldn’t be business as usual, because, sadly, we have a President, a Congress and a Senate that all believe business is actually evil and shouldn’t be usual.

As a conservative, I am really concerned about the near future, and if you are a true conservative you would be too.

Let’s get this straight. If there wasn’t a pandemic in 2020, Biden wouldn’t have stood a chance. The public needed a target to vent their frustration and anger and Trump was smack in the way. (The Dems and the MSM did their darndest best to blow this crisis out of proportion, of course.) 

Then there was the way Dems tripped over their feet to turn this election into a vote-by-mail circus

Apart from those two biggies, let’s examine the other relevant factors that led to Trump not getting elected for a second term. (I am not going to get into the arguments about how the election was stolen from President Trump. We need to move on and our focus should be damage control right now.)

The opposition pulled out all the stops in this campaign. By opposition, I mean three groups: The Democrats, The Media, and the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

Democrats easily raised more funds than the Republicans. Their base was fired up, while the Republicans were trying desperately to put up a cohesive front.

The RINOs gleefully slept with the Democrats, not so strange bedfellows if you really think of it. They also had the gall to call their crusade “Lincoln Project”.

Why did the RINOs went from also being Republicans to one hundred percent backstabbers?

In 2016, they never thought Trump could actually pull it off, so they were content with being RINOs. In 2020, Trump had become an existential crisis for them. Trump was reshaping the Republican party with alarming speed. And in the new version of it, most of the RINOs would have no important role to play. They weren’t going down without a fight. It was a do or die situation for them. Some of them whom Trump had forgiven, delivered the most unkindest cuts.

I am willing to go on record to say that the RINOs were the deciding factor in the 2020 Presidential election. A lot of close losses can be traced back to them.

And the media, oh boy, the media! They practically prostituted themselves to the Democratic cause. They ignored every Democratic scandal and focussed on every peccadillo of the Republicans, while inventing a few scandals of their own. The MSM (main stream media) was like a little kid that stuffed its ears, closed its eyes and refused to accept any fact or opinion that would hurt its agenda, namely, installing a Democrat as the next President.

While Trump is a street fighter in the mould of a pitbull, this unified assault was too much even for him to handle.

Thus Trump is gone. What now?

Whether Trump will be around in 2024 to become a Republican nominee or not, the course of action for the conservatives from now on should remain the same. That’s because, conservative ideals are bigger than Trump or any one individual.

Conservatives should a) Learn effectively to counter Democratic propaganda, b) Match Democrats in raising funds c) Weed out the RINOs from the GOP, and d) Focus on repackaging Trumpism.

The propaganda

The media game is going to be especially tough. And it’s been made even tougher by the Big Tech’s shameless capitulation to the Left. The voices of the conservatives are being muzzled for the most frivolous reasons. The liberals have actually turned quite brazen about the whole thing.

This doesn’t bode well for the conservative movement, but we can’t afford to give up at this stage. We need to reinvent if necessary, and regroup the opinion makers that have already been doing a good job. (The Spectator, Epoch Times, NewYork Post and The Federalist come to mind. For a more comprehensive list, please refer to this list.)

Please subscribe to the above publications. Educate yourselves. See how effortlessly, the liberals lie, both by omission and commission. Also, counter the Democratic propaganda in social media by effective rebuttals. (Slurs and epithets are not a good substitute for reason. Leave the foul-mouthing to the Democrats.)

Removing the RINOs

This should be done on a priority basis. Participation in local government and the democratic processes is a necessary condition for this. You should be able to identify a RINO before you can deal with him or her. I am not saying dissent within a party should be disallowed. But there is a time when you close the ranks, especially when the other party is out to destroy you. Especially when the Democrats have turned the process of impeachment into a joke. And those who abandoned the ship in such times don’t deserve to stay in the party. You can refer to this list as a guide to the thinking process of RINOs.

Fundraising for the Right

Money doesn’t buy you everything, but it does buy you a lot of things. Like Ads on the internet, television and radio. There are plenty of conservatives asking for your money and it’s your prerogative to donate to whichever group you want to. To get you started though, you can find out who are worthy of your financial contributions, by going to this site.

Repackaging Trumpism

This is really important. Some of the most ardent conservatives have started to doubt if they were right in supporting Trump. For me, there is nothing wrong with the essential core of Trumpism, the part that forcefully espouses the conservative causes without mincing words. It should definitely be retained.

It should however be repackaged without the brash and abrasive style that won Trump a lot of voters who were sick and tired of the platitude mouthing regular politicians in 2016. There is a time for everything. And one size doesn’t fit all. We need to change gears.

Conservatives should step up the fight.

Democrats need to be exposed for the closet communists they are, at every step of the way. (Stop trying to enlist the moderate Democrats to your cause, it’s a fast disappearing breed and in danger of extinction.)

Right now Democrats are trying to pawn off their version of liberalism as “capitalism with a human face” or “progressive socialism” or some other drivel like that. Their end game though is always the same. AOC or Sanders haven’t really tried to hide their true colors and they are paradoxically, the future of the Democratic party.

Meanwhile, Biden, has been busy at work. These are all the key executive orders he signed after assuming office.

Hope that’s enough motivation for you to stop moping and start acting.

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పని ఉంది, పాట ఉంది

పని పాట అన్న జంట పదాలు ఎందుకు ఏర్పడ్డాయో నాకు పెళ్ళయ్యాక అర్థమయ్యింది. పెళ్ళయ్యాక ఒక మగాడి మీద బోలెడు బాధ్యతలు వచ్చి పడతాయి. వాటిలో ఇంటి పనులు ఒకటి. ఆ ఇంటి పనులు ఉత్తినే చేయాలంటే చాలా కష్టంగా ఉంటుంది. అదే పాటలు వింటూంటే కాస్త వీజీగా చేసుకోగలం. అందుకన్న మాట పని పాట అనేది.

ఆ పద్ధతే పాటిస్తూ నా దగ్గరున్న యూ-ఫోన్‌లో తెలుగు పాటల ప్లే-లిస్ట్ ఒకటి ఆన్ చేసి వ్యాక్యూమింగ్ మొదలు పెట్టాను. అసలు మొదటి పాటే మంచి ఊపున్న పాట. అది ఇలా సాగింది.

“నీకూ నాకూ పెళ్ళంట, నింగికి నేలకి కుళ్ళంట.


యుగయుగాలుగా ఉంటున్నా అవి కలిసిందెపుడూ లేదంటా.


ఇక్కడ నేను టక్కున పాటని పాజ్ చేశాను. ఎందుకంటే నాలో గాయకుడు కమ్ కవి నిద్ర లేచాడు. ఈ పాటేదో నేనే పాడితే పోలా?

అదే పాటను నేను కాస్త మార్చి ఇలా పాడాను.

“నీకూ నాకు పెళ్ళంట నింగికి నేలకి కుళ్ళంట.


పెళ్ళి కాలేదు కాబట్టి, వాటికి ఈ కష్టాలేవీ తెలీవంటా.

ఒక వేళ అయ్యుంటే కుళ్ళుకునే ఛాన్సే లేదంటా.

అహ జింగు చక, ఓహో జింగు చక”

పాటతో పాటూ వ్యాకూం క్లీనర్‌ని అటూ ఇటూ తిప్పుతూ చిన్న పాటి డ్యాన్సు కూడా చేశాను.

నా కవితా పటిమపై నాకే ముచ్చటేసింది.

మళ్ళీ ఇంతకు ముందు పాడిన లైన్సే పాడుతూ ఇంకో సారి చిందేశాను.
అలానే గిర్రున తిరుగుతూ సడన్‌గా ఆగిపోయాను.

ఎప్పుడు వచ్చిందో తెలీదు కానీ మా ఆవిడ గుమ్మానికి ఆనుకుని నన్నే తదేకంగా చూస్తూంది.

“ఓహొ నువ్వు ఇక్కడే ఉన్నావా, తుమ్ ఇధర్ హి హై?” బలవంతంగా పెదవుల మీద నవ్వు పులుముకుంటూ అడిగాను.

తనేం మాట్లాడలేదు.

“పాట ఎలా ఉందోయి. సరదాగా కాస్త ట్విస్ట్ ఇచ్చాను,” నసిగాను.

“నోరు మూయండి” కోరగా చూస్తూ అంది తను.

నేను అర్జెంటుగా నా నోరు మూసేశాను.

“మీకిచ్చి పెళ్ళి చేసి మా వాళ్ళు నా గొంతు కోశారు.”

పరిస్థితి చాలా ప్రమాదకరంగా మారబోతుందని నాకు అండర్‌స్టాండింగ్ అయిపోనాది. సాధారణంగా ఈ డయలాగ్ మా ఆవిడ నోటి వెంట వచ్చిందంటే కూష్మాండం బద్దలైనట్టే.

నేను రియాక్ట్ అయ్యేంతలో తనే, “అయినా ఎందుకింత వెటకారం? నేను ఏమన్నాను అని? మన ఇంటి పనులు మనమే చేసుకుంటే తప్పేంటి అన్నాను. అంతేగా? ఏదో కహోనా వల్ల ఇంటి పట్టునే ఉంటున్నారు కద, ఆఫీస్‌కి వెళ్ళకపోవడం వల్ల బోలెడు టైమ్ కలిసి వస్తూంది కద అని కాస్త ఇంటి పనుల్లో ఒక చేయి వేయమన్నాను. దానికే ఇలా పాటలు ప్యారడీ చేసి పాడాలా?” గద్గదమైన స్వరంతో అంది.

“అస్సలు పాడాల్సిన అవసరం లేదు. నువ్వు నా కళ్ళు తెరిపించావు. ఇక పై ఇలాంటి క్లాసిక్స్‌ని ప్యారడీ చేయనుగాక చేయను,” అనర్గళంగా మాటిచ్చేశాను నేను.

“ఇంతకీ నేను చెప్పిన పనులు ఏం చేశారు?” గుర్రుగా అడిగింది తను.

నేను గొంతు సవరించుకున్నాను. “బట్టలన్నీ ఉతికేశానోయి. గిన్నెలు డిష్‌వాషర్‌లో లోడ్ చేశాను. వంట ఆల్‌రెడీ అయిపోయింది. ఇదిగో ఒక వ్యాక్యూమ్ క్లీనింగ్ మాత్రమే మిగిలింది. ఆ! అన్నట్టు, బాత్‌రూమ్‌లో కలరా ఉండలు కూడా వేశాను.”

“ఏడ్చినట్టుంది. పిచ్చి మాటలూ మీరూనూ! అరెమికాలో కలరా ఉండలు ఏంటి? చెప్పిన పనులు చేయండి, చాలు. అదే పదివేలు,” అంటూ అక్కడి నుండి నిష్క్రమించింది తను.

హమ్మయ్య అని ఊపిరి పీల్చుకుంటూండగానే సడన్‌గా గుర్తొచ్చింది నాకు. ఈ రోజు మా బాస్‌కి వీక్లీ స్టాటస్ రిపోర్ట్ పంపించాలి. వ్యాక్యూమ్ కీనర్ పక్కన పడేసి, గత వారంలో నేనేం సాధించింది (ఇంట్లోనుంచేలే), టక టకా టైప్ చేసి ఈ-మెయిల్ పంపించేశా. హమ్మయ్యా, ఇంకో వారం ఫర్లేదు.

నా ఆనందం ఎంతో సేపు నిలవలేదు. మా బాస్ నుంచి వెంటనే రిప్లయి వచ్చింది ఆయనకు కాల్ చేయమని. ఇదేంటి ఇంత ఫాస్ట్‌గా రియాక్ట్ అయ్యాడు అనుకుంటూ, ఆయనకు కాల్ చేశాను.

అరెమికాలో ఆకాశం విరిగి నెత్తిన పడే సందర్భంలో కూడా కుశల ప్రశ్నలు వేయకుండా ఏ సంభాషణ మొదలు పెట్టరు. ఆ ఆచారాన్ని మన్నిస్తూనే ఆయన, నేను ఎలా ఉన్నాను, వెదర్ ఎలా ఉంది ఇలాంటివన్ని అడిగాక మెయిన్ టాపిక్‌లోకి వచ్చాడు.

“నువ్వు ఆరోగ్యంగానే ఉన్నావా?” అడిగాడు.

“నా ఆరోగ్యానికేంటి సర్! సూపర్ మ్యాన్‌కి ఒక బెత్తెడే తక్కువ. ఏం, అలా అడిగారు?”

“నీ స్టాటస్ రిపోర్ట్ చూసి!!! అదేం రిపోర్టయ్యా? దాని నిండా, నువ్వు ఎన్ని సార్లు డిష్‌వాషర్ వేశావు. ఎన్ని సార్లు ఇల్లు వ్యాక్యూమ్ చేశావు, ఎన్ని సార్లు బట్టలు ఉతికావు, ఇంకెన్ని సార్లు వంట చేశావు లాంటి వివరాలు తప్ప ఇంకేవీ లేవేంటయ్యా? అసలు నువ్వు ఇంకా మన కంపెనీలోనే ఉద్యోగం చేస్తున్నావా?”

“అదీ, సర్…”

“లాభం లేదయ్య, నీకు pep talk ఇవ్వాల్సిందే,” గొంతు సవరించుకున్నాడు ఆయన.

“సార్!” ఘొల్లుమన్నాను నేను.

లాభం లేకపోయింది. మా బాస్ pep talk మొదలు పెట్టేశాడు.

అది అయ్యాక నా మానసిక స్థితి ఇంకా సరిగ్గానే ఉంటే, మళ్ళీ కలుద్దాము. సెలవు.

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Dislike Trump all you want, but still vote for him this November.

I want to say right at the beginning, this is an appeal to all the American Conservatives who are wondering if decency forbids them from voting for Trump. This is also for all the mugwumps who think their vote doesn’t make a difference.

In other words, this is for all the Americans who are more Conservative than Liberal in their approach towards political issues, but haven’t made up their mind yet on the Presidential election.

Observe, I didn’t say in my title, ‘Hate Trump all you want, but still vote for him’. If you are in the haters’ camp, you have already made up your mind and I have no intention of trying to change it. This is for those voters that like the things Trump has delivered so far, but don’t like his personality or style.

This is because you can’t afford to be ‘neutral’ in this election. You can’t afford to take the high moral ground (if such a thing is even possible in modern politics). You can’t afford to be apathetic. You can’t afford not to vote. On this, even the Liberals would agree with me, except that they want you to vote for Biden.

Everybody has been shouting from the rooftops that this is a defining election. Everybody claims we are fighting for the soul of America. I couldn’t agree with them more.

Let’s deal with the issue of decency first. As a principle, we should not vote for Trump because he has violated the norms of decency. Really? You truly believe that? American Politics have stopped being anything close to decent for a long time. The media is much more kind towards Democrats but none of them are particularly decent either. On the other hand, they are holier-than-thou which is even more irritating than being plain indecent.

Dear reader, you know what I am trying to say here. I am not going to provide you with copious examples on how Democrats/Liberals are worse than even Trump in their lying, in their conniving, in their hatred and in their intolerance. I am simply assuming you are not one of those who only read New York Times, or watch CNN, or listen to NPR to get your politics-fix.

If decency and style are the criteria for you to vote for a politician, then my bet is you probably will never vote again in your life.

So, what should dictate your choice if not decency? That would be Realpolitik!

Elections are not about idealism alone. Idealism and ideology drive a voter up to a certain point, but after that it’s realpolitik that’s of paramount importance. By that I mean, asking yourself what a particular politician has delivered so far and what would he or she deliver in the future that’s beneficial to you and to America as a whole. (Hint: That doesn’t include unfettered bathroom access in schools to transgender students, as Mr. Obama, the darling of Democrats, desperately wanted all the states in the union to implement.)

What has Trump delivered so far?

  1. An economic system that was booming until the Chinese Communist Corona Virus brought the world to a sudden screeching halt. Even then, it was robust enough to withstand the onslaught and is still doing relatively well. Democrats would like you to believe that it’s Obama who turned the economy around. (Yeah, right! He was turning it round and round in the eight years he was President, and somehow managed to fix it just before he left.) Do the markets like Trump as a president? You can bet your last stock they do! Even the New York Times had to admit that when Trump tested positive, the markets were negatively affected.
  2. If you are a fiscal Conservative like me, you should be super happy with the amount of deregulation Mr. Trump has achieved. While the Democrats were trying to get him impeached for ‘colluding with Russia’, Trump had quietly cut down a couple thousand regulations. Also the fact the Washington Post was nonplussed by all this deregulation activity should be music to your ears.
  3. Trump cut the taxes, period! The corporate taxes were brought down from 35% to 21%. The personal tax system was also overhauled. Other Republicans only talked about cutting taxes. Trump actually did it. Liberals cry hoarse that this measure helped only the very rich, despite the proof to the contrary.
  4. Trump has delivered on his 2016 election promise of tilting the Supreme Court in the Conservative direction. If all goes well, it will be a five and half to three and half tilt in the right direction (pun intended) by the end of this month. Ted Cruz understands this. In an article on CNN, he explains why it’s so important to make sure the Supreme Court doesn’t tilt to the left.
  5. The Chinese puzzle can only be solved by somebody with an attitude like Trump’s. The Chinese communists only understand Trump’s language. They have been trying for decades to infiltrate American organizations, and the Democrats have allowed them to do that spinelessly. You are worried about Russia’s meddling? Russia is a second rate power. China is the real deal. As this NewYork Post article says, who would you want to defend America, Trump or Biden?
  6. The Neo-conservatives thought they could turn the Islamic world democratic, and dragged us into several unnecessary wars. That was a ‘huge’ mistake, as Trump would say. He has gotten America out of most unwanted wars while staying firm to eliminate the threat of ISIS. He doesn’t shy away from a fight as long as it benefits America.
  7. The wall on the Mexican border. Wall, what wall you would say. It may or may not be built. But just the fact that Trump got elected, badly scared a lot of illegal immigrants from even thinking of crossing the border. Those who still thought they could get away with it, found out the hard way they were wrong. The statistics speak for themselves.

To borrow a phrase again from the NewYork Post article, Trump is a Pitbull fighting for America. Pitbulls don’t need to be decent. They just need to do their job.

If Biden becomes the President

Now imagine what would happen if Biden comes to power. Remember that Biden has to satisfy a lot of ultra-left groups in his party to function effectively. He is not his own man. The far left Liberals are frothing at their mouths to shoot the so called American soul in its heart, over his weak shoulders. So, if he becomes the president:

  1. Fiscal responsibility would go down the drain. For Democrats, the solution to all problems has always been quantitative easing. Remember Paul Krugman’s suggestion about printing a one trillion dollar platinum coin?
  2. The law enforcement agencies of all hues would be thoroughly demoralized. It’s already happening in the Democrat controlled cities and results are disastrous.
  3. The polarization of the country wouldn’t stop, the hatred created by ‘monsters’ like Trump wouldn’t disappear. Black lives wouldn’t improve. In fact, things will only get immeasurably worse. Why, you ask me? Because Liberals, despite their Liberal sounding name, are actually anti-Liberal. They are Liberal only as long as you agree with them. When you disagree, things swiftly go south and their other side would emerge. It starts with verbal abuse and more often than not, results in physical abuse too. I have to concede that Liberals are much better at the hate-game than Conservatives can ever hope to get.
  4. Capitalism wouldn’t become humane. In fact, the modern Democrats only pay lip service to Capitalism. Their creed is actually socialism, a better sounding name than communism, but equally dangerous. Democrats have been in charge of California for a long time now, and it’s a terrible mess. In short, a Republican president may or may not be the answer, but a Democrat president is never the answer.

If nothing fails to convince you, consider this scenario. Biden may die after a year or so in the office, and Kamala Harris would then become the POTUS! If that doesn’t scare you, I am not sure what else would.

For my Indian American community, this is what I have to say. If you think Kamala Harris should be the vice-president just because she’s half-Indian and would be good for India, you are not only parochial but also plain wrong. Kamala’s friend is only Kamala. Consider the way she rose up in Californian politics. (Decency, what decency? )

The short message therefore is, ‘Vote Trump for President’ in the upcoming election. If you need additional motivation, read what this former gay Democrat has to say on this.

Remember, your choice will set the course for modern American polity for decades to come. Even the choice of not voting.

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Seven things that make your work a breeze (even during Covid)!

1. Your first response to any new assignment should always be “No!” When asked again, take a minute to think about it, and still say, “No!!!” Be ready to back up your refusal with various reasons about how this assignment is not feasible. A typical reason could be, “This doesn’t align with our new strategy of putting Cloud before everything.” (If the assignment is a Cloud based one, you could say, “Without getting a sign-off from various stake holders, this would be suicidal!”) This strategy saves you countless hours.

2. Meetings are make-up time for lost sleep (all that sleep you lost due to Netflix binge watching). During these stress filled Covid days you would get a break from both work and your family. Stagger your meetings throughout the work week. Add salt to taste.

3. The more your boss shouts at you, the less he/she knows what the heck is going on. The key here is emotional equanimity. The wise employee knows he/she is being used as a punching bag and would let this obnoxious behavior slide for the greater good of the company, and, of course, his/her job.

4. Both high and low visibility are bad. (Not for nothing, a term like “middle-of-the-road” has been coined.)

5. All-hands meetings should always be attended. The good thing is these are usually a couple hours long and don’t really need any active participation from you these days. Accepting them, automatically blocks your calendar. Caution: You need to be signed on though, in case somebody, like the Boss’s admin, is keeping tabs.

6. Two bosses are better than one boss. While you shirk work given by one, the other assumes you are busy. Try your best to get into dotted-line projects. Where there is will, there is a slacker.

7. Two wrongs make it right. Three make you a team player. Four make you a leader. Five make you a manager.

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శ్రీ శ్రీ శ్రీ సైగానంద స్వాముల వారి మహత్మ్యం (ఆడియో/Audio)

ఈ సాములోరు శానా పవర్‌ఫుల్!

చదివితే వచ్చే కిక్కే వేరప్పా అనుకునే వారికి అసలు  టపా ఇక్కడ దొరుకుతుంది.

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